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Society is at a crucial inflection point. Bombarded with a 24/7 news stream of devastation, conflict and iniquity—it’s easier to gripe, tweet or do nothing at all. One-to-One is an initiative designed to educate and inspire individuals to act for the betterment of themselves, their communities and the world.

The first in a series of global gatherings, the One-to-One Global Forum brings together leading changemakers—from breakthrough scientists and educators to philanthropists and social entrepreneurs—for twelve fast-paced hours of inspiring talks, intimate ‘fireside’ conversations and moving artistic performances.

One-to-One seeks to inspire a groundswell of collaborative, focused public good. Inspired by the universal teachings of one of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, and chronicled in the critically-acclaimed New York Times best-selling book, REBBE, by Joseph Telushkin—One-to-One examines and nurtures the role that character and personal responsibility play in effecting lasting, positive change.

The One-to-One Forum places a spotlight on presenters’ moments of personal challenge, and the transformational lessons that catalyzed them to pursue lives benefiting humanity.

One-to-One believes every individual has the ability and responsibility to make the world a better place. To that end, select speakers at the inaugural Forum will also unveil new partnerships, collaborations and research recently evolved from this underlying philosophy and positioned to benefit the world at large.



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Segment 1 (1 p.m. – 4 p.m.)
Some highlights:
  • Sipho Nkosi, Business Leader and Humanitarian, South Africa
  • Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media
  • Scott Harrison, CEO of Charity: Water
  • The Honorable Mayor David Dinkins, 106th Mayor of New York City
  • Professor Ester Fuchs, Columbia University, Professor, Public Affairs and Political Science
  • Abigail Disney, Filmmaker and Philanthropist
  • Peter Thum, Founder and CEO of Fonderie 47 and Liberty United
  • Slava Rubin, Co-Founder of Indiegogo
  • Ray Chambers, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Malaria
  • Dr. Herbert Cohen, Developmental Disabilities Innovator
Segment 2 (4 p.m. – 7 p.m.)
Some highlights:
  • Robbie Brozin, Business Leader & Humanitarian, South Africa
  • Eduardo Elsztain, Business Leader & Humanitarian, Argentina
  • Howard Weinstein, Business Leader & Humanitarian, Brazil
  • Dr. Kenneth Prager, chief ethicist, Columbia Medical Center
  • Professor Mordechai Shani, global medical ethicist
  • Zeshan Muhammedi, FundRx Co-Founder and Hands4Kids Founding Board Member
  • Ed Boyden, leading innovator in biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences, MIT
  • Dr. Gordon Schectman, Chief Consultant, Primary Care Services, Veterans Administration
  • Dr. Ira Weiss, Cardiologist
  • Jay Feinberg, creator, Gift of Life
  • Gary Cohen, medical business leader
Segment 3 (7 p.m. – 10 p.m.)
Some highlights:
  • Matthew Bishop, Editor, Economist
  • Shamina Singh, MasterCard
  • Abigail Noble
  • Professor Phil Wexler
  • Michael Medved, Talk Show Host
  • Dina Hurwitz, Inspirational Speaker
  • Ittai Shapira, violinist
  • Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, Former United States Air Force chaplain
  • Dr. David Luchins, national vice-president of the Orthodox Union
Segment 4 (10 p.m.- 1 a.m.)
Some highlights:
  • Monique Coleman, Actress
  • Erin Schrode, Activist
  • Jessica Feingold, Senior Development Manager at
  • Ruth Messinger, AJWS President & CEO
  • Elly Moseson, Boston University
  • The Honorary Robert Abrams, Former Attorney General
  • Diane Abrams, Feminist Activist
  • Prof. Nehemia Polen, Hebrew College, Professor of Jewish Thought
  • Professor Stephen Hazan-Arnoff
  • Professor Schiffman, New York University, Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies
  • Ariel Evan Mayse
  • Prof Shaul Magid, Indiana University, Professor
  • Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Bestselling author


The New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

5th Ave at 42nd St, New York, NY 10018


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